The No Junk FundRaiser The No Junk FundRaiser

Wouldn't it be great to Not Sell Junk And Still Exceed All Sales Goals?

In recent years, with money becoming tighter, fundraisers are more important than ever, but consumers are also in tight positions and want value for their money.  Let's be honest, a $24 measuring cup set you could get for a buck at the dollar store is not a deal, neither is the $18 cookie dough, the $30 gift wrap, etc. Especially when you consider the school or fundraising group gets less than 40% of the money raised.  Yuck!  And how are the kids motivated to sell the junk, or junk food? PRIZES!  I sat in a meeting once and listened to a sales rep say "when it comes to prizes we have the best JUNK in the business".  This is what THOUSANDS of kids go home with, BIG DREAMS of selling lots of $24 measuring cups to make $8.60 for their school and get them one step closer to an inflatable chair with a cup holder. Am I the only one that sees a problem here???



1. The kids go door to door like they are told NOT to. Those rascals!

2. Their parents are badgered by their kids and shamed by the fundraising group to take it to work.


NO ONE WANTS THE $24 MEASURING CUP! Then the shaming is spread to friends and work associates.


This is where I can help...


Ready for the easiest fund-raiser you have ever done? We supply the show, you supply the audience.  That simple.  We also give you full support with "Done-For-You" Free Posters, Free Radio Ads, Free TV Ads, Press Releases, Customized Website, Online Ticket Sales, and Tickets.  NO RISK, NO MINIMUMS You earn up to 60% profit on all pre-sales.  No products to deal with, no cookie dough to refrigerate, no broken dust collectors, NO JUNK!



On show day all we need are chairs and an audience. We supply the rest.  We bring in our own professional sound equipment and backdrops.  The show runs 90 minutes and is packed full of FAMILY FRIENDLY COMEDY.  If you have never seen Nick's comedy hypnosis show please look at the videos on this page.



A motivated group of only 100 could easily earn $7,200 or more.  It all comes down to ticket sales, how many you can seat, and ticket price. But don't worry, we have all the answers to help you reach your goals. Plus, often, multiple shows are scheduled to accommodate for larger crowds. We can also show you how to involve local businesses in your community for more money in your piggy bank.


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From The Word Go, It’s All About You And Your Guests!  Nick's Interactive, Comedy Hypnosis show is guaranteed to be the most talked about, and the easiest event you have ever hosted.  That's not just words. That's a promise - it is Nick's ultimate mission!  From marketing to promotion Nick is with you all the way.

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